Request for Marshals, Radio and Time Control Crews


We look forward to welcoming our marshals back for the next planned running of the Vale of York Stages Rally at Melbourne Airfield near York on Sunday 10th September 2023. You can register via this link (only after entries open)) or by contacting the Chief Marshal on Please pass on this information to any of your friends or club members who might wish to help us out.

Further work has taken place at the venue to improve it for both marshals and competitors. We will be holding our usual marshals draw and we will have catering on site this year. Marshals will enter via the main gate to the site, as normally used by competitors, service crews, TI Rallyschool and drag strip Raceway.

As always we rely on a large number of marshals and other volunteers to be safe and successful and we’re very grateful for your support and commitment.

Please remember you’ll need to renew your Motorsport UK Marshal Registration for 2023.  Newcomers to marshalling can complete their Registered Marshal Accreditation on the Motorsport UK website via this LINK.